Literary World Cup – Round 2 Group G

Two 2 to 2 ties in the same group.


Germany vs. Ghana

WINNER: Germany and Ghana

“If Sharks Were Men”

Bertolt Brecht

The innocent question of a child (if Sharks were people would they be nicer to the little fishes) sparks an answer that delves deeply into the nature of men through a sharkish medium.


“In the Cutting of a Drink”

Ama Ata Aidoo

Aidoo’s story handles issues of tradition and modernization all through the eyes of an unnamed young man and his trip to Mamprobi. On his trip Mansa’s brother went to find his sister to bring him home and discovers just how different things are in the city.


Portugal vs. United States

WINNER: Portugal and United States


“The Centaur”

Josè Saramago

The centaur is the last survivor of the half-horse half-man hybrid. Along with his loneliness, the centaur has to face the different wants and natures of its two halves.


“All Summer in a Day”

Ray Bradbury

Bradbury’s story focuses on a girl in a classroom named Margot who moved to Venus from Earth. On Venus it rains every day and the sun is visible for only one hour every seven years. “All Summer in a Day” tells what happens as that hour is approaching.




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