Literary World Cup – Round 2 Group E

France vs. SwitzerlandImage

WINNER: France

No and Me

Delphine de Vigan

Lou is a smart but challenged girl living in Paris whose life is changed because of one homework assignment. While doing a project on homeless teenagers Lou means No, a girl living on the streets. As they get to know each other better Lou and her parents take No into their home, and as they change No’s life she changes theirs as well.


Ecuador vs. Honduras  Image

WINNER: Ecuador

Chango’s Fire

Ernesto Quinoñez

Quinoñez inserts an eclectic charm and complexity into every character in Chango’s Fire. There is Julio, a man who helps provide for himself and his family by working in demolition and also burns down buildings for hire. All the while his friend Maritza runs a church and does dirty immigration deals on the side. The texture and depth of the characters add richness to the careful plotting of the neighborhood Quiñonez creates.





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