Literary World Cup – Round 2 Group D

Uruguay vs. EnglandImage

WINNER: Uruguay

Soccer in Sun and Shadow

Eduardo Galeano

Our first nonfiction entry in our Literary World Cup could not be more apt. Galeano’s book delves into the wonderful and deep history of soccer, moving as far back as the Ming Dynasty before coming to some of the interesting and sometimes scandalous pieces of soccer’s more modern history. Soccer in Sun and Shadow also moves through space, taking readers to China, Europe, Latin America and more on an around the world journey that revolves around a seemingly timeless sport.


Costa Rica vs. ItalyImage

WINNER: Costa Rica

There Never Was a Once Upon a Time

Carmen Naranjo

Naranjo’s collection of short stories puts the first person stories of children into her deft hands. The spirit of adolescence runs through these stories as the children narrators insert the imaginary and fantastic into their own sense of reality, providing a glance into a world that is part real and part invention.





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