Literary World Cup – Round 2 Group C

Colombia vs. Ivory CoastImage

WINNER: Colombia


Laura Restrepo

Aguilar finds out that his wife Agustina has a mental breakdown while he is away. He is determined to find out what provoked her frantic behavior. The story follows the narration of Aguilar, Midas (an ex-lover of Agustina), Agustina, and a third person narration of Nicholas and Blanca Portulinus (Agustina’s grandparents, and in his quest to find the truth Aguilar discovers more than he thought about his wife.


Japan vs. GreeceImage

WINNER:  Tuesday June 24th

Moment of Truth

Lisa Scottoline

Everything to Lose

Andrew Gross

Anyone’s Game

Lesley Chamberlain

Japan, Greece, & Ivory Coast are still alive and eligible to make it to the top 16. So, fight me if you want but I’m saying the winner is Tuesday June 24th. The final two Group C games are both played Tuesday and that will determine who joins Colombia.

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