Literary World Cup – Round 2 Group B

Netherlands vs. AustraliaImage

WINNER: Netherlands


Corinne Duyvis

People mistake Nolan for an epileptic because he has blackouts. However, the truth is Nolan is transported to a totally different world into the mind of Amara, a servant girl protecting a princess. The more they become connected the more they realize to stay alive and discover the truth about their odd circumstance they must work together.


Chile vs. SpainImage


Navidad & Matanza

Carlos Labbé

Two children of Jose Vivar go missing in Matanza. Even after their disappearance people claim to see Bruno around town and weirder still, the mysterious Boris Real keeps being tied to the missing Bruno. While this story unravels there is the deeper story of Domingo and six other people participating in the writing experiment at the Universidad de Chile. Both stories weave together creating a world that allows readers to wander through the many meta layers of this text.







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