Literary World Cup – Round 1 Group G

Almost done with round 1 in what has been an eventful World Cup so far.

Germany vs. PortugalImage

WINNER: Germany

Doctor Faustus

Thomas Mann

Mann’s novel takes the Faust legend and incorporates the setting of Germany during the early 20th century. Adrian Leverkühn trades his soul in exchange for years of creative genius and renown as a composer. The blending of the myth of Faust with German history makes for a great (and somewhat dense) read.


 Ghana vs. United StatesImage

WINNER: United States

A Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin


In honor of the 4th season finale of the HBO series Game of Thrones, I’m picking the first of Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series to represent the USA’s win. A Game of Thrones is an epic that weaves together different battling clans in a well plotted story with a wide range of characters. Fair warning, pick the clan you want to support (Starks?  Targaryens?), pick your favorite character, but just don’t get too attached. It’s for your own good.







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