Literary World Cup – Round 1 Group D

Embarrassed to say I was wrong about the outcome of both of these group D games. Here are the winning reads. If you have any suggestions or predictions feel free to comment.

Italy vs. Englanddante


The Inferno

Dante Alighieri

I’m kicking it old school, 13th century old, with this classic choice from Italy. Dante’s work has the poet being lead through the nine gates of Hell by the Roman poet Virgil. Along the way the duo run into several familiar characters like Charon the ferryman, Judas, and the devil himself – Dante was the best namedropper. The Inferno also has the added benefit of being the first part in a trilogy so Dante can claim to have gone to Hell and back.

Costa Rica vs. Uruguaymoon

WINNER: Costa Rica

Cadence of the Moon

Oscar Nunez Olivas

There’s a serial killer on the loose in Costa Rica, and Olivas’ story shows how both members of the police and members of the press investigate this enigmatic murderer. Conflicting political pressure and slanted motives lie behind the truth and “truth” journalists and detectives uncover on the search for this dangerous psychopath. What makes this novel particularly interesting is the fact that real life details from a still unsolved crime texture the plot.



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