Literary World Cup – Round 1 Group B

Sorry Spain but the Netherlands were on fire and just had a huge opening victory with their 5-1 win. Enjoy this round’s reads and if you have and suggestions feel free to speak.


Netherlands vs. Spain

WINNER: Netherlands

The Corpse on the Dike

Janwillem Van De Wetering


De Wetering creates a complex police procedural that is the first of many in the Grijpstra and de Gier Mysteries. The mysterious shooting of a recluse serves as the case for the team of Grijpstra and de Grier. The shot took place from at least 30 feet away which is of interest to the detectives because his neighbor, a pistol shot champion, admits she discovered the body and failed to report it. But does her skill means she has the motive?



Chile vs. Australia


Ripper: A Novel

Isabel Allende


Isabel Allende’s latest novel features Amanda Martìn a smart future MIT student that enjoys solving crimes online. However, Amada steps into the realm of solving real crimes when she sees connections in a series of murders that are happening in San Francisco. Her involvement in the case takes a step further when Amanda’s mom Indiana, a free spirited Reiki practitioner, goes missing. Is Indiana’s disappearance linked to the serial killer in San Francisco? And if it is can Amanda solve the case and save her mother’s life?



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